Technology for complete management in health

Increase productivity, humanize care and obtain better results.

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Leader platform in Health Management and 100% integrated.

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SOUL MV Hospital

Better performance for your Diagnostic Center

A RIS/PACS platform which increases medical productivity, making the activity flow run smoother.

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The healthcare revolution

The platform connects all health agens, collaborating with advances in the individual care, by professionals and institutions, with focus on preventive medicine.

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Global Health

Take your business to the next level

Attain management excellence and make the environment of your health institution favorable to achieve great results.

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Strategic Management and Quality

SOUL MV Insurance

MV's platform for the health plan insurances organizes and controls the administrative, financial and managerial processes. 

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SOUL MV Insurance


The first Digital Hospital in Latin America

Hospital Unimed Recife III

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